About Us

While growing up, I was fascinated with the idea of operating heavy equipment. When I was old enough to be in the driver’s seat, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Even though I worked many years doing excavation, I knew there was more for me to accomplish.

Starting in 2014, I married my wife and best friend and we began our adventure into the world of business. We found various odd excavation jobs and started a clothing company called Spin Em Rodeo Co. We expanded the clothing company and decided to sell it a few years later to focus on what would eventually become Idaho Land Development and Idaho Paving. My wife and I used our passion for and background in excavation to develop the business plan.

Our goal was to create a company that would do exceptional work at a fair price that exceeds the customer’s expectations. We believe our passion and work speak for themselves and that every customer that God brings our way is a true blessing.

We do the heavy lifting.

 Call Us:  208-964-0543